Principals Corner

Henry 1 year

As another summer draws nearer, I find myself reflecting on the year behind us. And what a year it has been! Lockdowns and quarantines. Social distancing and surgical masks. We have all been challenged, and we have all made sacrifices.

There have been silver linings however. We broke student attendance records almost every day in the months of January and February. Behavior referrals from recess, and lunch, and really most portions of our school day have been down all year. And the growth of students and staff alike, especially in the areas of technology and early literacy, were simply unparalleled.

The fact of the matter is that we have all grown over the past year. We have all had to take new approaches to routines in our lives that we previously took for granted. We have all had to adapt in ways we never even imagined. Thankfully, we haven't all quadrupled in size over the past year... But we can all stand just a little taller, knowing what we have accomplished, knowing what we have overcome, together.

I look forward to the remaining weeks of this school year and encourage you all to reflect and to celebrate with me!