Artist In Residence

For two weeks in March, EVS is hosting Kathleen Peters for our Artist in Residence Program. Kathleen is a talented artist and a Mascoma parent. Kathleen brings to Mascoma an incredible talent and passion for both art and her community.

Kathleen has lately been creating nature scapes inspired by the natural beauty of the Upper Valley and has instilled meaningful connections to each one. Not only is Kathleen participating in our Artist in Residence program, but she is also creating some thoughtful and breathtaking paintings for our district.

“The paintings offer wonder and peace, and help us to pause and remember the value we each have as individuals and how inextricably our lives are entwined with one another and the natural world in which we live.”
~Kathleen Peters

Her artwork currently lines the EVS halls and is inspiring our students and staff. On Monday, March 8th, Kathleen will begin work with Mr. Jarvis our EVS students to create their own art and make their own personalized connections to their community.

The Enfield Village School is very excited for our next remarkable Artist in Residence!